Victims of Bastille Day attack named A promising Russian student and a father and son from America are among the 84 killed in yesterday's brutal Bastille Day attack. Russian student Victoria Savchenko, 21, was killed instantly when she was hit by the truck as she walked with her friend Polina Serebryannikova, 22, in Nice last night. A father and son from Texas, Sean Copeland, 51, and Brodie, 11, have also been killed, his family confirmed on social media today. Among the French who were killed in the horrific attack were a Muslim mother, Fatima Chahhiri, and Robert Marchand, 60, an industrial supervisor from the small rural town of Marcigny. Victoria Savchenko (pictured), 21, was killed instantly when she was walking down the street and hit Also dead are Sean Copeland (left), 51, and his son Brodie Copeland, 11, from Texas (right) who were killed while on holiday in France Among the French who were killed in the horrific attack was a Mulsim mother, Fatima Chahhiri, whose son held up her ID card after the attack German authorities also said that two students, aged 17 and 18, and a teacher from Berlin had lost their lives as a gunman mowed down crowds celebrating Bastille Day last night. A French family of four, Francis and Christiane Locatelli, 82 and 78, and their daughter, Véronique Lion, 55, and grandson, Michael Pellegrini, 28, were also killed, La Republiicain Lorrain reported. pre bonded hairThe assistant commissioner of border police in Nice is also believed to be among the victims of the killer, a 31-year-old French-Tunisian national named locally as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Timothe Fournier, 27, died after pushing his pregnant wife out of the path of the rented truck. His cousin Anais said the Parisian was a 'great guy … who was always there for his wife and his future child'. Francois Hollande today said that as well as the 84 dead, some 50 people were 'between life and death' and 'many foreigners are dead'. Hollande, looking somber and flanked by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, said that 'it's to hit France that this individual committed this terrorist act.' Teacher Michael Pellegrini, 28, was killed in the terrorist attack in Nice and Julia Manari, who is believed to be a pupil of his, posted a tribute saying that she was always remember his 'smile' Robert Marchand, 60, from Saône-et-Loire, is one of the French citizens confirmed dead in the Nice attack Victoria Savchenko (pictured), who died instantly, died in Nice, where 84 people were killed yesterday Victoria (right) was walking with her friend Polina Serebryannikova (left), 22, who described how she watched the student die instantly as she was hit Sean (pictured with Brodie) will never return to home state Texas from their holiday in the south of France

Father, Sean, 51, (pictured far left with wife Kimberly far right, and Brodie, center) Russian Polina today described how she saw the truck career through the crowd just moments before it hit Victoria, a student at the Russian government's elite Financial University in Moscow. Polina said: 'My friend and I were walking on the promenade. We saw this truck moving in a strange trajectory. My friend was hit and died. 'I have been taken to the hospital. I have broken toes on one foot, and my other leg is swollen.' On Facebook Julia Manzari who is believed to be a pupil of Mr Pellegrini, a teacher in northern France, paid tribute to him. She wrote: 'It was a fantastic year at your side, full of good memories.  As you say, you will never forget this senior year. But we, we will never forget everything you've done for us. She added that he gave her and her fellow pupils the 'desire to learn'. She said: 'A thought for the people who died with him, and to the rest of his family and his loved ones. It will always be remembered of that smile...' Sean Copeland, 51, and his 11-year-old son Brodie, who were on vacation in France at the time of the attack, have been confirmed dead by friends and family online. remy hair extensionsHaley Copeland wrote on Facebook: 'By now many of you have heard about the 80 people that have died in Nice, France today from a terrorist attack driving through a parade. '2 of those 80 people were American and those 2 people happen to be uncle Sean and 11 year old cousin Brodie. They were there on vacation with my two other cousins and aunt celebrating a birthday.' German school authorities have confirmed the death of a teacher and two students, according to Le Figaro, who were celebrating their end of term exams in the city during a school trip. The students, 17 and 18, went to the Paula-Fuerst-Schule in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. Swiss national Linda Casanova Siccardi was confirmed dead by her brother Ivano. The 54-year-old was on holiday with French husband Gilles, who is believed to have survived. Also killed was border police commissioner Emmanuel Grout, 45, who was off duty and had been on the Promenade des Anglais to watch the fireworks display, local media said. A young Tunisian woman, Olfa Souayah Bent, 31, was killed and her four-year-old son is missing, according to the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Heartbreaking posts showed how people were desperately seeking to find their missing loved ones, including this young boy, the users 'lil brother' who was watching the fireworks with his grandparents but was lost People are also trying to find Aurelie Remy (left) and a young boy who had been out with his aunt (right) Emilie Chevrier (pictured, left) was among the missing as well as Hugo (right), 16, whose brother is desperately trying to find him Groups from ten German schools are currently away on trips in the area, it was confirmed today. Twenty-eight-year-old Hamza Charrihi held up an identity card belonging to her mother who was killed in the attack. Recovering from shock in a University building in the centre of Nice, turned into a shelter for relatives, she spoke briefly to pay testament to the memory of her mother. THREE GERMANS DEAD AND TEN SCHOOLS WERE ON TRIPS TO NICE THIS WEEK Ten schools have been on trips to Nice this week, it emerged, as officials confirmed that two students and a teacher from Berlin had been killed.

They were from the Paula-Fuerst-Schule in the middle class Charlottenburg district of the capital. A prayer room has been set up at the school and other pupils sent home for the day. The dead pupils were aged between 17 and 18 and were in Nice celebrating the successful conclusion of their A level exams - the Abitur in German. A number of police vehicles were today parked outside the school in Nehringstrasse. Officials would not confirm the deaths but did say that ten groups of pupils from ten city grammar schools were in Nice at the time of the slaughter. Ralf Wieland, a Berlin MP, said: 'I am deeply saddened at the news that a teacher and two pupils from Berlin are among the victims of the Nice massacre and my heart goes out to their families.' She told L'Express: 'She wore the veil of Islam and practiced a true and blanced religion…a real Islam. Not the one of the terrorists.' perruques cheveux naturelsThe heartbroken husband of Fatima Charrihi, Ahmed, said today his wife - the mother of seven children including a girl of 14 - was the first victim of the attack, reports L'Express. Five minutes after the fireworks began she was on the pavement in front of the Lanval children's hospital which borders the Promenade des Anglais, three kms from the city centre. Speaking to Liberation he said: 'The truck was doing 90-100kmh. It ploughed into and killed Fatima. The driver kept going along the pavement smashing even the benches without slowing down.' Six of his family were on the Promenade. 'I'm alive because I was on the road. My nephew has a broken arm. The children scattered. Afterwards I saw dead bodies, many dead bodies. Then we ran.' Two Armenians, a Ukranian and one Swiss national are among the dead, their foreign ministries confirmed, but they did not identify the victims. Dozens of pictures have been posted on social media in a desperate bid to find loved ones who have been missing since the devastating terror attack in Nice last night. People posted images of friends, brothers and sisters, mothers and numerous young people who they have been unable to reach since at least 84 people were killed in the southern French city. Twenty people were gravely injured and at least fifty more hurt in the attach in which a terrorist drove a truck more than a mile through streets crowded with revellers celebrating Bastille Day. Many of the heartbreaking messages posted on Twitter include photos of mothers and daughters, young people, and show screenshots of frantic messages sent to the missing, with no reply. Laurine Alaiz (left and Laura Borlait were among those missing after the attack, which has left hundreds of people all over the world fearing for the safety of their loved ones at the popular holiday destination These two young girls were not named but their pictures were posted in the hope someone in Nice will recognise them and get in touch A new Twitter account, SOS Nice, dedicated to finding those who are missing, asked for help to find this young girl who has been unreachable Loved ones tried to contact Clara Casciana who appears to have posted pictures of herself celebrating Bastille Day moments before the attack. She was not answering calls One man posted about his brother, Mickael Ali Takilt, who has been missing since the attack which has so far left 84 people dead, with the death toll still rising. Myriam Bellazous (right) was also missing 15-year-old Tatiana is among those missing, according to a social media, as was this woman (right), described simply as'a girlfriend and a mum' Boris Johnson, the new Foreign Secretary, today confirmed that one British national has been injured, although none of the more than 80 victims killed have yet been formally identified. Among the messages posted on Twitter was one from someone posting as @sawra11, who write: 'My sister Leticia was in #Nice06 I'm really worried, she's not answering her phone, Please help!!!!' Another, sharing a photograph of a young man, wrote: 'His family has had no news since more than three hours ago #Nice.' One person shared pictures of a young girl along with messages from a loved one begging her to respond and confirm she was safe, but with no reply. Another person tries to get in touch with her friend Lamia, posting countless messages without reply after first asking: 'Damn, I just saw the news, are you okay?' A friend was looking for Janine Khammash who could not be reached today after the tragedy Most of those that are being looked for are young people, such as Aurea (left), 16, and Letita (right), whose sister is trying to find her via social media Alexandre Torre, Christelle Nunez and their daughter Lous are missing according to social media Edmond Cassis (left) and another young person whose brother was looking for him following the horror in Nice The search is on for Romain PIchard and Alizia, 17, whose father has been trying to get in touch since yesterday She asks again: 'Lamia!!! Respond we are all worried !! Are you in safe?!! Tell me you are okay. Lamia!! Respond!! Please!! It's been almost 1 hour! Answer if you're okay or not?' The woman goes on to say 'Call me - do something! I'm crying. Fatima has not stopped calling me. My hands tremble from fear! Tell me you're okay I beg you!' User @Clzire57050 uploaded an image of her friend Clara Casciana, saying: '[She was in] Nice, more news of it, several calls unanswered share at max please‼️‼️‼️‼️' Her passionate plea was retweeted more than 300 times in less than an hour. Facebook activated their safety check button to help those caught up in the mayhem to let their friends and family know that they had survived. The social media took similar steps in previous large scale terror attacks, such as those in Paris, Brussels and Orlando. At least 84 people died in last night's attacks when a heavy goods vehicle careered down the Promenade des Anglais in Nice in the south of France. Christine (left) has been missing since last night. Authorities have issued numbers for people to call if they are concerned about loved ones. Paola Carazzato was also missing One man was left looking for his uncle (left) while a young girl named Leila was also missing today British lawyer Harjit Sarang and her children were among those caught up in the terror. The Londoner tweeted: 'Running through crowds in Nice with kids and terrified. Never taking kids to a public event again. Finally back to hotel. Hate this! 'F****** scariest thing ever running through crowds with boys. Got back to hotel and couldn't get in for people seeking refuge! 'Can't stop shaking. Hate that my boys had to experience this. Why did I take them. Why did they do this and why the f*** is this happening!'

British eyewitness Kevin Harris was on the third-floor terrace of his hotel, where people had gathered to watch the fireworks, and saw the remnants of the horror moments before. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he said: 'I came up to my bedroom on the seventh floor I was in my room for about a minute when I heard gunfire. I went out on to the balcony and, very sadly, I could see many bodies laying out on the road. Facebook activated their safety check button to help those caught up in the mayhem - brought about by this truck - to let their friends and family know that they had survived At least 77 people died in last night's attacks when a heavy goods vehicle careered down the Promenade des Anglais in Nice in the south of France THE DESPERATE MESSAGES SHOWING ANGUISH OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD DESPERATELY SEEKING THEIR MISSING LOVED ONES IN NICE This picture shows the frantic desperation of people all over the world who are looking for friends and loved ones they know are in Nice. It is just one of hundreds of searches currently taking place on social media to find the dozens of people missing after the attack which left at least 84 dead and scores more injured. Police say at least 54 children have been hurt and many of the missing people posted on sites set up to find them are of young people who have been unreachable. perruques cheveuxThese messages - from one woman desperate to find her friend Lamia - read: 'Damn, I just saw the news, are you okay? 'Lamia!!! Respond we are all worried !! Are you in safe?!! Tell me you are okay. Lamia!! Respond!! Please!! It's been almost 1 hour! She adds: 'Answer if you're okay or not? !! Call me - do something! I'm crying. Fatima has not stopped calling me. My hands tremble from fear! Tell me you're okay I beg you!' So far, two Americans, two Armenians, three Germans, a Russian, a Ukrainian and one Swiss National are known to have been killed. 'There were many bodies, maybe twenty, and the strange thing was that nobody was moving. Nobody was trying to resuscitate anyone, which suggests everyone was hit so badly hit that there was no point. 'There were very few people around when I was looking down and eventually people started to arrive and they got towels from the beach club nextdoor and started to cover the bodies. 'There was a second body by the side of the truck and I assumed that was probably the perpetrator because the body wasn't covered and there were lots of police around it.' Two young French students on holiday from Paris, gave a graphic description of the horror around them as one stared into the face of the driver who 'seemed to be having fun' Speaking to the Nouvel Observateur, Helena, said the truck halted beside her as people fled. 'I thought the brakes had seized. I stood there unable to move, paralysed, watching people screaming and pushing, bodies going down. It was like I was in a movie.' But her friend Cyprian said: 'The truck was almost upon us. I even had time to see the driver's face. He was bearded and he seemed to be having fun.' A man on a scooter tried to stop the driver. Helena watched as an old lady was sucked into the wheels of the lorry. 'She was lying, her head bleeding, he leg completely dislocated at an odd angle. She said 'I'm dying. I wanted to help but was pulled away.' President François Hollande returned to Paris from the city of Avignon to orchestrate his country's response to the horrific attack just hours after he announced plans to take France out of a state of emergency The pair took refuge at the West End Hotel. Inside a young boy of about five was dragged in. Helena added: 'We saw him die in his mother's arms. Then we heard her scream.' President François Hollande returned to Paris from the city of Avignon to orchestrate his country's response to the horrific attack just hours after he announced plans to take France out of a state of emergency. A team from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including Britain's Ambassador to France, Julian King, is gathering in Nice to assist British nationals. At this stage, say the FCO, it is too early to say how many, if any, Brits have been caught up in the killings. The Embassy Crisis Centre has been activated and a 24 hr service no at : +33144513100. Central hospital in Nice has provided a number for families of attack victims +33 493 72 22 22

Chris Rock's 33-year-old girlfriend Megalyn Echikunwoke flashed a diamond ring on her wedding finger on Saturday evening while at the Apollo in the Hamptons 2016 party in New York City. The timing is interesting as the next day the comedian finalized his divorce from wife of 20 years, Malaak Compton-Rock. The ring - a yellow gold double band with a small diamond - could be an engagement ring. As PageSix revealed on Thursday, a friend shared a clear image of the ring and added it was time to celebrate 'new beginnings,' strongly suggesting the standup could be on his way to another marriage. Bling it on! Chris Rock's girlfriend Megalyn Echikunwoke flashed diamond ring on wedding finger on Sunday the night before his divorce was finalized from wife of 10 years Malaak 'Last night we celebrated new beginnings . . . #lovewins,' the unidentified friend wrote in the caption. The site pointed out Echikunwoke seemed to take a dig at Malaak when she replied 'Bye, Felicia,' which is a catchphrase that pretty much translates to 'don't let the door hit you on the way out,' only not as polite. A friend added crying-laughter emojis. They look good together: The standup and Echikunwoke at the Governor's Ball at the 88th Academy Awards back in February; she does not appear to have the ring on here The post was then taken down. The beauty glowed as she held onto Rock, who was also in great spirits. She had on a lovely floral-print dress with spaghetti straps and her hair was worn down over her bare shoulders. A source told PageSix, 'she always wears that ring,' which appears to be true as she has had it on several times in the past six months. They have been dating for one year and she lives at his New Jersey home. The last one: Rock and Malaak back in 2014; they have two daughters together and have raised an adopted daughter as well His rep then said Chris was '100 percent' not engaged. On Monday Chris and Malaak both appeared in a New Jersey courtroom to finalise the split, reported TMZ. lace front wigsThe 51-year-old comic actor and his wife - who have been separated since 2014 -have two daughters Lola Simone, 14 and  Zahra Savanna, 12. Chris and Malaak Compton-Rock also appear to have been raising eight-year-old Ntombi, who first came to live with them from South Africa when she was six months old, according to the website, although details are unclear. In divorce papers, Malaak listed Ntombi-futhi Samantha as a dependent along with the Rocks’ two biological daughters. The kids: Chris with Malaak and children Lola, Zahra Savanna and Ntombi at the Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted premiere in NYC in 2012 She stated that in addition to their two children, there is a child 'who has resided with the parties since before her first birthday.' But rather mysteriously, a spokesman for Chris told TMZ he does not have an adopted child. TMZ previously reported that back in 2008, the family took in Ntombi who remained in their house and was subsequently enrolled in a local school. She mingles with the big guns: Chris and Megalyn with Harvey Weinstein at the Apollo party The site added that the girl's parents were thought to be unemployed and from South Africa, although it is not known why she was living with the Rock family. They add that when Chris and Malaak began divorce proceedings, Chris maintained contact with his two biological daughters. However their divorce case is sealed so it is not known what settlement was reached. Meanwhile, Chris began dating actress Megalyn earlier this year. Megalyn, who has had recurring roles in 24, ER, CSI Miami, The 4400, 90210 and Damien, was most recently featured as the animal-powered Vixen in the TV series Arrow.

Madonna surprised fans with an unexpected appearance at a 25th anniversary screening of her documentary Truth Or Dare on Wednesday. The superstar showed up at the event held at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan to the delight of the 400 or so in the audience. The 58-year-old pop culture icon shared a couple of photos on her Instagram showing her standing between two on-screen images of herself from her Blond Ambition tour of 1990. 'Surreal moment!' she wrote alongside the picture. Scroll down for video 'Surreal moment!' Madonna surprised fans at a 25th anniversary screening of documentary Truth Or Dare and posed next to images of herself from the 1990 Blond Ambition Tour Madonna: Truth Or Dare was first released in May 1991 and followed the Material Girl on tour and showed her behind-the-scenes with then-boyfriend Warren Beatty, praying with her backup dancers and facing arrest for public indecency at her concert in Toronto, Canada. 'So many freedoms we take for granted that we did not have then. Thank you Alek Keshishian. We changed history with this film.!' Madonna wrote. Keshishian directed the film that was shot in black and white. Who's that girl? The pop icon, who just turned 58, delighted the 400 or so fans gathered to watch the film at the museum Of Modern Art in Manhattan on Wednesday Demure: Madonna wore an off-he-shoulder red dress with white floral detailing and cinched at the waist with a black band for her surprise appearance cosplay wigsSharing 'a kiki': She was accompanied by her daughter Lourdes 'Lola' Leon, 19 In a second photo shared via her Instagram, she's seen sharing 'a kiki' with daughter Lourdes Leon or Lola as she calls her. Madonna wore a red off-the-shoulder dress with a flounce neckline and black spaghetti straps. The frock features white floral detailing, half-sleeves and was cinched under the bust with a black band. She added a matching black and white floral patterned purse and wore her signature blonde hair styled in loose waves to her shoulders. Madonna had just returned from a birthday trip to Cuba with Lola, 19, and adopted children, 10-year-olds David and Mercy. Truth Or Dare AKA In Bed With Madonna showed behind-the-scenes footage of the singer including candid moments with then-boyfriend Warren Beatty and prayer circles with her dancers Getaway: Madonna recently celebrated her 58th birthday with a trip to Cuba accompanied by daughter Lola, 19, and her adopted children David and Mercy, both 10


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pilates1Πληθώρα ερευνών την τελευταία εικοσαετία αποκρυπτογράφησαν ένα περίπλοκο ιδιοδεκτικό μηχανισμό σταθεροποίησης του σώματος με τη συμβολή μιας άγνωστης εξειδικευμένης μυϊκής ομάδας ("σταθεροποιητές του κορμού" – "core stability muscles"). Κλινικές έρευνες απέδειξαν ότι ο πόνος, η χρόνια δυσλειτουργία, η έλλειψη άσκησης και η κακή στάση του σώματος μεταξύ άλλων, οδηγούν στην σταδιακή αδρανοποίηση αυτών των μυών όσον αφορά την άρτια συνεργασία, τη ταχύτητα και δύναμη συστολής τους. Η δυσλειτουργία αυτή έχει αναγνωριστεί ως κύριος προδιαθεσικός παράγοντας υποτροπών σε ορθοπεδικές και αθλητικές παθήσεις. Οι θεραπευτικές ασκήσεις σταθεροποίησης στοχεύουν στην επανεκπαίδευση της αντανακλαστικής λειτουργίας αυτών των μυών καθώς και στην ενδυνάμωσή τους.

Μία από τις αποτελεσματικότερες μεθόδους ενεργοποίησης και εκγύμνασης των σταθεροποιητών μυών είναι το Pilates. Εμπνευσμένη από τον Joseph H. Pilates στις αρχές του 20ου αιώνα (1920s) αρχικά σαν μέθοδος εκγύμνασης χορευτών (αυξημένες απαιτήσεις συναρμογής και ελέγχου των κινήσεων του σώματος) απέκτησε αναγνωρισημότητα την δεκαετία του '90 στις ΗΠΑ και από εκεί εξαπλώθηκε γρήγορα σε όλο τον κόσμο ως ευρύτερη μέθοδος γυμναστικής.

Οι θετικές επιπτώσεις των ασκήσεων Pilates στους σταθεροποιητές μυς προσέλκυσε το ενδιαφέρον ερευνητών και επαγγελματιών στον τομέα της αποκατάστασης. Μετά από τροποποιήσεις και προσαρμογές οι ασκήσεις αυτές χρησιμοποιούνται σαν θεραπεία στο Physio Kinetics για πληθώρα δυσλειτουργιών της σπονδυλικής στήλης και αθλητικών κακώσεων.

pilates2η συνδυασμένη εφαρμογή Manual Therapy (για βελτίωση της κινητικότητας & ελαστικότητας των αρθρώσεων) και του Pilates Αποκατάστασης (για βελτίωση σταθεροποίησης & ελέγχου της κίνησης) αποτελούν σήμερα ορόσημο για την αποτελεσματική συντηρητική και οπωσδήποτε μετεγχειρητική αντιμετώπιση προβλημάτων στο ανθρώπινο σώμα, ανεξαρτήτου επιπέδου φυσικής δραστηριότητας.

Ο Joseph H. Pilates έλεγε χαρακτηριστικά, «σε 10 συνεδρίες αρχίζεις να νιώθεις την αλλαγή στο σώμα σου, σε 20 συνεδρίες βλέπεις την αλλαγή, σε 30 συνεδρίες ζεις πλέον μέσα σε άλλο σώμα»!

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